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Posted: 27th July 2014


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Marvel Comics announce Star Wars titles


Marvel Comics announced at San Diego Comic-Con their Star Wars titles beginning January 2015. The stories will form part of the Lucasfilm Story Group canon. Each series will pick up where Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope left off, filling in important, previously unexplored gaps for some of the saga’s most iconic characters:

Star Wars (ongoing)
written by Jason Aaron, art by John Cassaday
available January 2015
Set two weeks after the Battle of Yavin:
"Story wise, I think our book is driven in some big way by Luke and by the pretty interesting spot we find him in at this period in the timeline. You look at the gap between Episodes IV and V and there’s quite a bit that happens off screen that we get to explore. I’m really excited by the fact that Luke is in this position where he’s still a guy who’s just fresh off the farm. This is all pretty new to him. His world has changed completely. He had this mentor for five minutes who now is dead and leaves him with all these questions about his father, about his history, and where he goes from here, and what’s his role in the grand scheme of things.

"I think Luke already can see that clearly there’s something special about him. He was able to blow up the Death Star and do this amazing thing, but he has no idea where to go from here. He still has a ways to go before Ben whispers in his ear and says, “Hey, maybe you should see this guy Yoda.” So it’s an interesting time for Luke. He’s on this journey of discovery by himself, and he wants to find out more about his father. Meanwhile, Darth Vader’s chasing after him trying to find out who’s this guy that blew up the Death Star. I like the fact that they’re kind of chasing each other, without realizing the full implication of what they’re chasing. Luke’s chasing after his dad while running away from Vader. There’s a lot of cool big beats in that gap that we get to grab and lay down as part of the canon." - Jason Aaron 

  Star Wars: Darth Vader (ongoing)
written by Kieron Gillen, art by Salvador Larroca
available February 2015
Set two weeks after the Battle of Yavin:
"The high-level concept is that it picks up very shortly after the destruction of the Death Star. Vader is the sole survivor of the greatest military disaster of all time. A disaster he isn’t entirely to blame for, but at least some of the blame is his. He completely let the Rebels escape with the plans. So this kind of comes back to him. So there’s an implied sense that Vader might not be in the Emperor’s best graces at this point in the story.
"The weird thing is, when you look at him at the start of Empire, he’s actually in a far more dominant position than he was at the end of Star Wars." - Kieron Gillen

  Star Wars: Princess Leia (5 issue series)
written by Mark Waid, art by Terry Dodson
available March 2015
Set two weeks after the Battle of Yavin:
"Basically, the nugget of the idea I seized on is — once the Death Star is defeated, once all the adrenaline dies down, once all the medals are given out and Leia gets a chance to take a half step back — the emotional impact of losing absolutely everything you know, everything about your culture, everything about your family, all in one fell swoop. That’s something we just don’t have the time to deal with in Episode IV and V. That, I find really captivating, because that’s got to be the lowest moment in her entire life and a character is really defined by how they react in the lowest moment of their life. In this case, she has to actively choose: Will I be princess of nothing, and sort of just ride along in the Rebel Alliance and subsume myself to them, or is there a responsibility that comes with the title of Princess even though there are no subjects or royal house anymore." - Mark Waid



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