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Brand new characters to appear in World Book Day Star Wars book

24th February 2016 |

3rd March is World Book Day and school children in the UK will be given a free voucher which can be exchanged for special World Book Day books at participating retailers. The UK's largest publisher of Star Wars titles, Egmont Publishing, are using the event to launch a brand new Star Wars book series for children: Adventures in Wild Space. While the first and second books in the series, The Snare by Cavan Scott and The Nest by Tom Huddleston, will be released simultaneously on 25th February, Egmont are also releasing a 96-page introductory book, The Escape, as part of World Book Day and will be available on 3rd March.

From Egmont:

On 3rd March, Egmont Publishing and World Book Day will publish Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space: The Escape. The book will launch brand new, never seen before characters to the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space: The Escape, on sale from 3rd March as part of the World Book Day £1 book initiative, has an entirely new cast of characters.

The book and the new characters have been created in conjunction with the teams at Disney and Lucasfilm. The Adventures in Wild Space series takes place in the period between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

The World Book Day book, by Cavan Scott, will launch the first in the brand new series and publish simultaneously with two other titled, Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space: The Snare, also by the same author, and Star Wars: Adventures Wild Space: The Nest will be written by Tom Huddleston.

The new series stars Milo and Lina Graf who set off on a perilous journey across the unknown reaches of Wild Space to rescue their parents who have been abducted by agents of the evil Empire. We meet a whole new cast of characters, including a new droid, CR-8R, and a new villain, Captain Korda, all illustrated here, along with the covers for the first time.

Cally Poplack, M.D at Egmont Publishing said:

‘I am passionate about turning all children into proud readers, and film brands are hugely influential when it comes to inspiring all children to believe that reading and books are for them. We know this from our extensive research into what inspires people to buy children’s books and from our work with teachers and literacy experts. A brand like Star Wars, with its rich and absorbing story world, can ignite a life-long reading habit and open up books to a broader range of parents and children – and that’s why we are so delighted to have Adventures in Wild Space series, The Escape in this year’s World Book Day campaign.’

The first book in the Adventures in Wild Space series, The Escape will publish in the UK on 3rd March 2016 for £1.

Adventures in Wild Space: The Snare and Adventures in Wild Space: The Nest will publish simultaneously on 3rd March for £6.99.


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