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Comic Book
Published June 2010 as
Star Wars The Clone Wars Comic #9
by Titan Comics:

[ The Clone Wars Comic: issue 9]

A Little Help on Hakara
Tom DeFalco, Tanya Roberts, Digikore, Andrew James et al.
Titan Comics [UK]
Story published as:
Comic Book (2010)

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Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano have been sent to Hakara, a swamp-filled planet, after the Jedi Council receives a garbled distress call from the believed-to-be uninhabited planet. More intriguing for the Council is that the distress call utilised unknown technology and language which the Council are still trying to decipher. After traipsing through miles of swamp and pestered constantly by clouds of flying insects, the two Jedi discover a Separatists base operated by battle droids but are perturbed to witness the droids focused on their individual tasks rather than preparing for company prompting Ahsoka to ask the obvious question: if the droids didn't send the distress call, then who did?
However as the Jedi ponder an answer to this question, Ahsoka notices that the cloud of insects flying around her has suddenly started to behave erratic. Just then Anakin spots a droid air-patrol and both Jedi dive under the water as the droid buzzes overhead. Sensing that the droid has moved on, the Jedi resurface only to discover the insects behaviour around them is even more erratic - they're diving into the water. As Ahsoka begins to think that the insects are trying to warn the two Jedi, another air-patrol buzzes over the Jedi's position. As the Jedi ignite their lightsabers to defend themselves, the insects swarm the droid and attack its neural processors causing it to crash into the swamp waters.
Ahsoka argues that the insects did it on purpose, but Anakin claims that they don't have time to discuss her theory as the droid may have called for back-up and so they head deeper into the swamp. After travelling for sometime Ahsoka notices that the insects are leading the Jedi towards a hollowed out tree, but Anakin is reluctant to climb into the hollow. However Ahsoka has no reservations and leads the pair into the hollow. Before long the two Jedi arrive in an underground cavern filled with swarms of insects where the Jedi discover Hakara's native population: a hive of insects!
Reaching into the Force, Anakin shows the insects how to defeat the droid invaders by attacking the droid's neural processors and swarms of insects fly off to destroy the Separatist droid base. Ahsoka comments that the insects' hive explains why the Jedi Council had difficulties in translating the original message from Hakara and wonders how they can prevent the Separatists from returning. Anakin suggests that the Council place Hakara under its protection and that the Republic assigns an ambassador to the planet.

This story occurs between 22 and 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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