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[The Clone Wars]
Events that occur between 22 years and 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.

[The Clone Wars: cover image not available]

Comic Book
Published April 2010 as
Star Wars The Clone Wars Comic #7
by Titan Comics:

[issue 7]

Rik Hoskins, Tanya Roberts, Digikore, Andrew James et al.
Titan Comics [UK]
Story published as:
Comic Book (2010)

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During a space battle deep in the Core Systems, close to Coruscant, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi's starfighter's astromech droid, R4-P17, receives a direct hit and Obi-Wan is forced to seek repairs to R4-P17. When he spots an industrial sector on the third planet of the system, he flies in seeking a droid manufacturer and repairer. As he approaches the factory of Quingarus Deluxe Droid Systems he is surprised to spot a Banking Clan shuttle craft parked in the droid manufacturer's landing pad and decides to investigate.
Obi-Wan is greeted upon arrival by a protocol droid and explains that his R4 unit requires a quick repair. The protocol droid asks Obi-Wan to wait in the reception area and Factory Master Quingarus will be with him shortly. At this moment, Factory Master Quingarus is in discussion with a delegation from the Banking Clan who are demanding that Quingarus produce forty thousand battle droids, requiring Quingarus to turn his whole production over to battle droids, or they will call in their loan to Quingarus. When Quingarus refuses to comply, the Banking Clan turn their battle droid escort on Quingarus.
Meanwhile Obi-Wan is suspicous of the long delay he has to wait to see the Factory Master and decides to investigate. Obi-Wan interrupts the meeting of Quingarus and the representatives from the Banking Clan just as the battle droids begin to shoot at Quingarus. While the Factory Master hides behind his massive office desk, Obi-Wan attacks the battle droids.
The battle droids turn their murderous fire on the Jedi Master but he quickly dispatches two. The Banking Clan representatives utilise the battle to make their escape promising to ruin Quingarus's business. When Obi-Wan destroys the final two battle droids, Quingarus emerges from the cover of his desk thanking Obi-Wan for saving him. Obi-Wan requests that Quingarus repair his R4 unit and the grateful Quingarus promises to do so. However, Quingarus is also concerned of repercussions from the Banking Clan including foreclosure on his loan, when Obi-Wan suggests that his factory provides contracted repair and upgrade services for all the Republic's astromech droids. Quingarus gladly accepts the Jedi's offer remarking that with such a contract he could pay off the Banking Clan loan in one day.

This story occurs between 22 and 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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