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[The Clone Wars]
Events that occur between 22 years and 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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Comic Book
Published October 2010 as
Star Wars The Clone Wars Comic #13
by Titan Comics:

[issue 13]

The Guns of Nar Hekka
Robin Etherington, Tanya Roberts, Digikore, Andrew James
Titan Comics [UK]
Story published as:
Comic Book (2010)

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Republic vessels supplying the frontlines have using the secret Mid-Rim space route, The Sheela Run, but recently have been destroyed by an unknown weapon and force. Jedi Grand Master Yoda and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi have been dispatched to investigate.
Arriving on the planet Nar Hekka amidst a heavy winter storm, the Jedi Masters decide to investigate a palatial-sized building with an inordinate amount of security. Successfully sneaking past the guards using Mind Tricks and believing that the palace's ultra-violet light shields them from detection, the pair make their way to the throne room. However their presence is detected when the ultra-violet light is switched off and they find themselves surrounded by Trandoshan mercenaries.
The Jedi are taken to meet the mercenaries employer, Tagta the Hutt, owner of the palace and commander of powerful canons utilising repulsor technology. Yoda explains to Tagta that they are diplomats sent to negotiate the Republic's use of The Sheela Run. But when Tagta demands one billion credits Yoda explains that the Republic cannot afford such a price. Tagta, seizing a business opportunity, believes that Count Dooku may be more accommodating in meeting his price and orders his mercenaries to kill the Jedi Masters.
However, no Jedi is ever unprotected when they have the Force as an ally - and never is this more true when the Jedi in question is a Jedi Master. Soon all the mercenaries lie dead or seriously injured and Tagta finds himself unprotected. Yoda reopens negotiations by offering Tagta just one credit for the right to use The Sheela Run and so long as Tagta keeps the trade route free of Separatist ships the Senate will not investigate his other criminal activities.

This story occurs between 22 and 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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